Revitalising a Sandstone Wall and Pool Area on the Gold Coast

Here at Andys, we love seeing the dramatic transformations we can achieve through exterior pressure cleaning. One recent job that shows this off was the sandstone wall and pool/outdoor living area we revitalised for a client at their Gold Coast property.

The client had noticed over time that their beautiful sandstone wall and pavers around their pool had become discoloured and grimy from weather, dirt, and environmental factors. The outdoor lounge area was also looking dull and lacking vibrancy.

sandstone pressure-cleaning before
sandstone pressure-cleaning after

Our team did an inspection of the sandstone wall, pool surround pavers, and outdoor area. We then used specialised techniques, equipment and adjustable pressure nozzles to treat the different surfaces.

Gently blasting away years of built up debris and stains, it was pretty satisfying revealing the sandstone’s original creamy tones and the vibrant colour of the pavers coming back.

We also paid extra attention to outdoor tiles, grout lines, alfresco furniture and surfaces throughout the living space. Making sure no dirt or grime was left behind.

By the time we finished up, the whole pool and outdoor living zone had been revived. Looking fresh, clean and ready for summer fun again. The customer was wrapped with the transformation, saying it looked as good as when the home was first built.

This just shows that with the right equipment, technique and experience, tired exteriors can be restored to their former glory. Give the Andys team a buzz on 0403 282 191 today to see how we can breathe new life into your home or business!