Bringing a Tired Roof Back to Life in Maudsland

Here at Andys, we know how important it is to keep your home looking its best. So when a loyal customer gave us a buzz about their grubby, weather-beaten colorbond roof and solar panels in Maudsland, we were keen to help bring this roof back to its old glory.

Roof Cleaning Gold Coast

Our customer had noticed over time that mould, mildew, and caked on gunk was causing their roof to look faded and dingy. Their solar panels were also covered in dirt and dust, playing havoc with their efficiency.

First up, we did a thorough once-over of the roof and panels. We spotted the problem areas needing some extra attention and any potential safety issues.

We then used our professional-grade pressure cleaner with our own secret cleaning solution to gently lift away years of grime. We took care around the solar panels, cleaning them up without damaging any parts.

With some hard yakka and know-how, we were able to blast away the mould, mildew, moss, dirt, leaves, and buildup. Underneath it all, we revealed the roof’s original colour. The solar panels also benefited from a good clean, allowing them to soak up more sunlight.

In no time at all, this Maudsland home had a roof that looked brand new again! The customer was stoked with the results. Just take a look at the before and after photo it’s like chalk and cheese.

This is just one example of the exterior pressure washing services we proudly offer Gold Coast homes and businesses. Give Andys a buzz today to transform your tired exterior into something stunning again!