Cleaning the Iconic Terracotta Roofs at The Southport School

Last year we ticked off a cool job cleaning the terracotta roofs at TSS. We thought it was worth sharing even though it was a while ago now.

This was an epic project bringing the iconic roofs back to their best. Over time the terracotta tiles had weathered and picked up grime and lichen. The school was keen to have them looking red and vibrant again.

Before Roof Clean at TSS
After Roof Clean at TSS

Rather than traipse across the angled roofs, we used our boom lift and soft wash system to safely reach and clean all areas. Our customised soft wash solution and variable pressure gently lifted away years of mould and lichen growth.

It was great seeing the roofs come up looking fresh and bright red as we worked across the buildings. The school was wrapped with the results.

The project took a bit of coordinating, but it was worth it knowing these iconic roofs on The Southport School were restored without damaging the historic terracotta tiles.

This is the kind of fiddly soft wash work we love. If you have tricky elevated projects on the Gold Coast, give the team at Andys a buzz to see if we can help out!